These are web pages that you may or may not find interesting.   Of course, to visit them you have to leave the security of the Members Area, and we cannot be responsible for the content or information gathering that goes on outside of our site. the place to sign up for the Bunkai Strategies free newsletter of tips and tactics. the website for the British Association for Martial Arts. the website for sales of Russell Stutely's DVDs. the website for John Burke's DVDs and books. the website of our mentor and the source of much of our technology and training. The Open Circle Fighting Method, of which I'm a National Kata Coach. Rick Moneymaker and Tom Muncy, two very fine individuals who taught Russell Stutely. Patrick McCarthy's site.   Plenty of historical articles and points of view to consider.  Terry Wingrove's site.  Look for pics in the media section and check out local course details. Julian Mead's site, with many historical details and pictures. controversial and provocative.  Articles galore. The British Kendo Association, governing body for Iaido in the UK.
NEW for Martyn Harris sensei's club details.


Enjoy, and let us know your submissions for inclusion, too.


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