At The Shotokan Concepts seminar weekend in Devon on Saturday 15th December 2018, Kyoshi Anthony Blades, 7th Dan, and Renshi John Burke, 6th Dan graded
Jim Wight and Clare Potter to yondan
Cas Power and Carl Withers to nidan
and Anna Hinds to shodan.
Now the hard work begins.

In order to keep you bang up to date, we like to post news in the forum for members only.  If possible we also post it here:

Karate Academy umberellas available.  Golf umbrellas 12.

Karate Academy car stickers available.  Free to careful drivers.

New Karate Academy Water Bottles (500ml) now available.  5 each or 9 for two.
New Karate Academy keyring flashlights. 2.50 each.

May 2019 Goings-on
Newsletters are going out to all members now, but just in case you haven't heard: 
There are a couple of timetable exceptions this month.  In Half Term we will be running a reduced timetable:
Monday 27th, Bank Holiday, no classes.
Tuesday 28th, no Ashburton, Torquay as normal, Newton Abbot 5.30-6.30pm and 7-8.30 pmonly
Wednesday 29th, no classes.
Thursday 30th, no Ashburton, Newton Abbot 5.30-6.30pm and 7-8.30pm only.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday are at Perran Sands for the course with Kyoshi Blades and Renshi Ellison. 
June's Newsletter will be out after the 3rd June 2019.
See You in the Dojo.

2nd January timetable returns.
12th January Bully Buster with Natasha Barlow sensei.  1-2pm for Junior School children (7.50 per person).  2.30-4pm for secondary school children (10 per person).
26th January Little Warriors Stripe Test.  9am start.  Newton Abbot.
27th January kyu grading 10am start, Newton Abbot.
2nd February - Bunkai Fundamentals with John Burke renshi. 1-4pm in Newton Abbot.  15 per person.
5th February - NO morning class in Newton Abbot
5th February - NEW class starting: Additional Needs Karate 6.15-7pm, Newton Abbot.

6th February - replacement 10am class in Newton Abbot
10th February.  Ladies Self Defence with Clare Potter sensei. 1-4pm.  12 per person
13th February - NO Ladies Only in Newton Abbot due to floor repairs.
15th February - NO Paignton

19th February - NO Ashburton
21st February - NO Ashburton
23rd February - Charity seminar in Seaton with John Burke renshi as the guest instructor. cancelled due to poor number of bookings
25th February - replacement morning class in Newton Abbot
26th February - NO morning class in Newton Abbot

28th February - NO 10am class.
1st March - replacement morning class in Newton Abbot.
7th March - NO 10am class.
10th March - Black Belt Pre-Grading
16th March - Little Warriors Stripe Test
17th March - Kyu Grading.
19th March - NO morning class in Newton Abbot.
21st March - 10am class is running 11am-12noon.
23rd March - Bunkai 2 - Tuite seminar with John Burke renshi in Newton Abbot. 1-4pm.  15 paid before 18/3/19, 20 thereafter.
25th March - last Adults Only class in Newton Abbot
25th March - replacement 10am class in Newton Abbot
26th March - NO 10am class in Newton Abbot
28th March - NO morning class in Newton Abbot
29th March - replacement morning class in Newton Abbot
30th March - 10am lesson is a pre-grading for coloured belts.  Anyone wishing to be considered for the 28th April test must be at this class.
31st March - Mothers Day

Tuesday 2nd April - last Tuesday 10am class
Thursday 4th April - last Thursday 10am class
Monday 8th April - 10am class begins in Newton Abbot
Monday 8th April - Chudleigh class in the Woodway Room, not the Large Hall.  Actually, it went ahead as normal...
Wednesday 10th April - 10am class begins in Newton Abbot
Wednesday 10th April - Ladies Only class moves to 6pm start
Wednesday 10th April - Pads Session begins 7-8pm in Newton Abbot.
Friday 12th - Last Paignton class.
Friday 19th April - No Kingsteignton class, as Good Friday.
Sunday 21st April - Easter Sunday.  No classes.
Monday 22nd April - Easter Monday.  No classes.

27th April - Little Warriors Stripe test
28th April - Kyu Grading.

4th & 5th May - UK Martial Arts Show Doncaster.  Train with many great instructors, including John Burke renshi's Bunkai Workshops.

6th May - Bank Holiday.  No classes.

12th May - Keiko Birthday Celebration.  10am-3pm with a lunch break.  Training with the Keikokai Instructors and our special guest, Anthony Blades kyoshi.  Sandwiches will be supplied for a lunchbreak and there might even be cake!

27th May - Bank Holiday.  No classes.

Half Term week changes apply, please see above.

31st May - 2nd June - Perran Sands.  Bookings are being taken now.  Please call 01626 360999 to confirm your accommodation and training options.

9th June - Kyu Grading.
16th June - Father's Day
22nd June - South West Martial Arts and Wellbeing Show, Bristol
29th & 30th June - Cumbria Seminar
7th July - Kaizen.  Ladies Self Defence with Clare Potter.  Bunkai with John Burke.
14th July - Kick-a-Thon, raising money for Devon Air Ambulance and Down Syndrome Association.  Please use if you have sponsors who wish to give online.
5th-9th August - Summer School.
31st August - 2nd September - Brecon Training Course.  Bookings are being taken now.  Please call 01626 360999 to confirm your accommodation and training options.
21st & 22nd September - Holland Seminar.
26th & 27th October - Finland Seminar.
9th & 10th November - Old Meldrum bunkai seminar.
23rd December - Last timetabled lesson of 2019.

2nd January - Return to timetabled lessons.
23rd & 24th May - Shetland Seminar.

DVD footage is available: The Heian Bunkai Workshop ROUGHCUT   $5 to those who were there.  The seminar took place on 18th January 2014.

 Kururunfa Kata with Martyn Harris sensei.  Kururunfa is a Naha-te advanced kata.  It is not part of the syllabus for Keikokai, but will provide an interesting contrast to the Shuri-te Karate we are used to.  Free video available here 

Latest grading results here

You can see changes to the timetable here by Town or link from there back to the main timetable page for all our classes.

There is a new page added to the website: you will now have the option to download the Video of your grading syllabus at the reduced cost of $12.50.  That's instead of the 15 that the physical DVD costs.  They make excellent reminders and assistants for your home study of your art.

BAMA Video: The seminar footage is now available through this page.  $29.95 for over 3 hours of tuition from some of the best teachers around.

If you are aware of any changes please let us know so that we can incorporate them.  Check back here often. the place to sign up for the Bunkai Strategies free newsletter of tips and tactics.

Keep your ears open for announcements in class -

Check the new newsletter.

Please check out the timetable on the main website for up-to-date changes.

Amazon downloads and ordering links added:

Chris Denwood sensei has released a book on the mechanics and training methods for Naihanchi kata.  It's a good resource for those interested in the Tekki Shodan kata: 

I've just produced a home study course Complete Karate to help people get their information up-to-date.  You might find that it's a valuable resource to improving your training!


Saturday 2nd January - return to normal timetable.

Monday 4th January - Totnes lessons move to 6-7pm rather than 5-6pm.

Monday 1st February - demo lesson at Coombeshead Secondary School in Newton Abbot 3.30-4.30pm.  Any Coombeshead students who want to help out are most welcome.

Saturday 6th February - Little Warriors stripe test.

Sunday 7th February - Kyu grading.

Monday 16th February - 10am class in Newton Abbot.  This week only.

Tuesday 17th February - no 10am class in Newton Abbot.  All other classes that day are on as normal.

Saturday 20th February - Walsall seminar for Martial Artists Supporting Children with Cancer.  John Burke renshi is teaching at mid-day.

Sunday 6th March 2016 - Practical Bunkai Workshop with John Burke renshi 10am-3pm, Karate Academy, Newton Abbot. 

Sunday 6th March - Mother's Day

Wednesday 9th March - Paignton class is in the Gymnasium, not the Drama Studio, for one week only, due to exams at the school.

Friday 11th March - No Torquay class due to hall availability.

Sunday 13th March - Ladies Self Defence with Clare Potter sensei 1-4pm, Karate Academy, Newton Abbot.  10 per person.  Please call 01626 360999 to reserve your place.

Sunday 20th March - kyu grading.  10am, Newton Abbot.

Sunday 27th March - Easter Sunday - no classes.  Clocks go forward.

Monday 28th March - Easter Monday - no classes.

Sunday 24th April - Martial Arts Illustrated Hall of Fame Black Belt Awards, Burton-on-Trent.  Dinner and awards presentation.  Tickets are 40.

Sunday 1st May - kyu grading.

Monday 2nd May - Bank Holiday - no classes.

Saturday May 7th & Sunday May 8th - UK Martial Arts Show, The Dome, Doncaster.

Sunday 15th May - Locks and Holds seminar in Romford Essex with John Burke renshi.  Please book with Brian Salisbury sensei: The Forest Row Centre, Lodge Lane, Collier Row, Romford, Essex, RM5 2LD.

Sunday 15th May - No Brown and Black Belt class.

Monday 30th May - Bank Holiday - no classes.

Friday 3rd June -Sunday 5th June - The South West Karate Experience.  Butlins Minehead.  Friday social evening, Saturday training, Sunday training,  Gasshuku on the beach.

Friday 3rd June -  no Kingsteignton class.

Saturday 4th June - no Paignton class.  No Little Warriors.

Sunday 5th June - Brown and Black Belt class is in Minehead.

Wednesday 8th June - Patrick McCarthy 9th dan hanshi seminar.  6pm onwards, Newton Abbot dojo.  Limited spaces.

Wednesday 8th June - No Ladies Only class.

Sunday 12th June - kyu grading

Sunday 12th June - Queen's Birthday Celebration.  Barbecue at Newton Abbot dojo 2pm onwards.

Wednesday 15th June - Cranbrook classes begin in Exeter 6-7.30pm.

Sunday 19th June - Father's Day.

Wednesday 22nd June - no Paignton class due to school using the hall.  Sorry for the late notice, they only told us the week before.

Sunday 3rd July - pre-Dan Grading for Dan Grade suitability assessment.  Brown Belts and above 10am-12noon in Newton Abbot.

Sunday 10th July - Ladies Self Defence class.  1-4pm

Thursday 14th July - NO Ashburton class.  Sorry for the late notice, they only just let us know.

Sunday 17th July - next kyu grading.

Friday 22nd July - no Kingsteignton class.

Friday 22nd July - Sunday 24th July MHKA Summer Camp with Martyn Harris renshi, John Burke renshi, and Martyn Skipper sensei.

Sunday 24th July - no Brown and Black Belt class.

Friday 29th July - Final class at St Luke's Church hall in Torquay.

Monday 1st -Friday 5th August - Summer School.  One month's training in one week.  60 per person or 15 per day.  10am-3pm.

Saturday 6th August - first training at the King Street venue in Newton Abbot.

Monday 29th August - Bank Holiday - no classes.

Saturday 3rd September - Neil Ellison renshi teaching neigung and applicative principles.  Suitable for adults of all grades, some high grade juniors might be considered.  10am-3pm Newton Abbot. 25 per person.

Saturday 3rd September - no open classes in Newton Abbot or Paignton due to special guest instructor seminar.  Little Warriors is on as normal.

Sunday 25th September Bunkai Seminar in Wrawby with John Burke renshi.

Saturday 1st October - Kyoshi Anthony Blades teaching in Newton Abbot.  10am - 11.30am kyu grades. 12noon Dan grading candidates. 1pm - 3.30pm 1st kyu and above

Saturday 15th October Bunkai Seminar in Doncaster with John Burke renshi.

Sunday 16th October kyu grading.

Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd October Bunkai Seminar in Oldmeldrum with John Burke renshi.

Saturday 12th November - No Little Warriors as the instructors are away at the Dan Gradingin Cardiff.
Sunday 20th November - Ladies Self Defence seminar with Clare Potter sensei. 1-4pm.  10 per person.

Tuesday 6th December - No Torquay lesson due to hall availability.

Sunday 11th December - Martyn Harris renshi teaching Yara Kusanku kata 10am-2.30pm in Newton Abbot.  25 per person.

Saturday 17th December - Little Warriors Stripe test 9am.  Coloured belts kyu grading 11am onwards.  Newton Abbot.
Sunday 18th December - The Special Lesson 11am, Newton Abbot.

Saturday 24th December - last lesson before Christmas.  No class in Paignton that day.

Wednesday 28th December - 4-6pm non timetabled class. Newton Abbot.
Friday 30th December - 10am-12noon non timetabled class.  Newton Abbot.

Tuesday 3rd January 2017 - normal timetable resumes.

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